We specialize in high level coach education and player development for soccer.
At Adeptico, we use an RESEARCH and ANALYSIS-BASED COACHING approach. All of our methods – from our tactical, technical, and game intelligence training camps for soccer to our performance testing and feedback portfolios - are derived from the scientific analysis of soccer, and from the methods of top European professional teams.

We have three concepts that are the foundation for all that we do:

It's either  research and analysis based coaching or it's guesswork! – Soccer is as much science as it is art.

Soccer players must be developed from the top-down – Cognitive development is the key to decision making, game intelligence and tactical understanding.

Educating Coaches is as important as developing players - Quality of coaching is a defining factor in creating expert players

Adeptico’s methods and curriculum are designed by Dr. Robert Horn. Dr. Horn has worked in match analysis for the English FA, analyzing English Premiership and international soccer games.

Dr. Horn also has over 12 scholarly papers related to skill learning and attention. He is a professor in Exercise Science at Montclair State University and is currently publishing two books on game intelligence in soccer. Working with Dr. Horn is a team of highly experienced trainers, educators, athletic trainers and exercise scientists.

For more information about Adeptico camps and classes, please call 1.973.670.3432 or e-mail: rob.horn@adeptico.com