adherence. is an innovative digital health company at the forefront of improving medication adherence worldwide. Our core focus revolves around harnessing the power of the MMAS (Morisky Medication Adherence Scales) tools and integrating them seamlessly into digital platforms. These cutting-edge solutions are designed to bridge the gap in patient medication adherence across the globe. adherence's commitment to enhancing healthcare outcomes is evident in the widespread deployment of the MMAS instruments, which are deeply rooted in scientific validation and psychometric excellence. adherence. is the digital health division of my organization in which pharmaceutical companies, telehealth ventures and IT Platforms incorporate the MMAS. The MMAS is also integrated as a defined, structured protocol within continuity of care/ transitions of care in hospitals and clinics, medication therapy management and patient intake.

Our organization undeniably boasts a worldwide presence, affirming its status as a truly global enterprise. Our client list includes IQVIA, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Janssen/JNJ, AssistRX, THB, Ohio State University, Inselspital Bern and many more.

By leveraging these digital capabilities, adherence. is revolutionizing healthcare by providing healthcare professionals with a potent tool to assess, monitor, and manage medication adherence. This, in turn, empowers patients to take a proactive role in their health journey. As we continue to expand our reach, adherence. digital initiatives are poised to create a substantial impact on patient care, ensuring that adherence to prescribed medications becomes an accessible and achievable goal for all.