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Current title includes Dismissed: How One Woman's Intuition Ended Her Addiction and Exposed a Government Cover-Up by Gisele Jubinville.

In this remarkable memoir of courage, determination, and liberation, Gisele's intuition leads her on a fact-finding, soul-searching journey that ends her addiction and helps her to expose a government cover-up. Dismissed is a true story filled with serendipitous twists and inspiring moments of courage that will speak to anyone who wishes to overcome the seemingly unconquerable.

Gisele speaks out on the following topics:

1) How Video Games Are Grooming Your Child To Be The Next VLT Addict.
2) What You Should Know Before Playing VLT or Slot Machines.
3) Empowered Citizens: How to Keep Your Government Accoutable.
4) The Rat Theory: How To Program an Addict.
5) Problem Gamblers or Problem Machines?
6) VLT and Slot Machine Players: Addicts or Victims?