A Diva’s Hidden Hair Replacement creates “mega-custom” non-surgical hair replacement systems for both women and men who are suffering from the distressing effects of hair loss. Louticia hair systems are virtually imperceptible to both touch and visually and are constructed with the highest quality human hair.

Please feel free to peruse our website. Be sure to read A Diva’s Hidden Hair client reviews and checkout our clients’ photo galleries. You’ll quickly recognize the high quality of our systems that sets A Diva’s Hidden Hair Replacement apart from other hair restoration companies.

We manufacture hair replacement systems that allow you to wear your hair away from your face revealing your hairline. You can wear ponytails and even comb your hair back from your face. Our hair systems are free flowing, allowing you to create virtually any hairstyle you desire. This is in contrast to the invasive hair replacement solutions such as the painful and expensive hair transplant surgeries and dangerous chemicals found in Rogaine and Propecia that can cost you a fortune and you still won’t have grown a full head of hair.

With A Diva’s Hidden Hair mega-custom hair replacement system, you get back that beautiful hair you once had. Your self-esteem returns as well as your natural appearance. You feel more confident again as well as the ability to reveal to the world the beautiful you. While people who have lost their hair are quite aware that they are suffering from the distressing effects of hair loss, oftentimes the extent of their awareness is not realized until A Diva’s Hidden Hair gives them back their hair.

Be careful of the other companies who are competing for your business, but don’t have the skills to create your custom hair systems in-house. They will take measurements of your head, make notes regarding all the specifications, and then your order is sent overseas to be manufactured at a factory. This is why the wait time to receive your new hair system can be up to two months. When the company receives your hair system from the factory and places it on your head, you’re oftentimes stuck with a system that doesn’t fit correctly because a machine manufactured it, but you still pay for it because you want hair. At A Diva’s Hidden Hair we believe in the personal touch and each and every hair replacement system is hand made by Louticia Grier.

When you get a factory manufactured hair system from the other companies you may be concerned that you have created a problem for yourself. You knew that you were going bald, now you’re concerned that people will be able to tell that you wearing hair. This is not the case with A Diva’s Hidden Hair Replacement Systems. Our clients know from experience about our hair replacement systems mélange and technology to craft the absolute best non-surgical and imperceptible hair systems in the world. The techniques integrated into A Diva’s Hidden Hair systems are very laborious and exclusive to A Diva’s Hidden Hair. This is what it means to have a “mega-custom” hair replacement.

Louticia usually creates a hair system in about 4 to 8 weeks with 100% human hair that is custom blended with your own natural hair’s density and texture. A Diva’s Hidden Hair “mega-custom” hair system is free flowing, moves with the wind, and the hair system base is light, breathable and practically disappears on your skin. Clients truly feel like they have their natural hair back and are impressed with the care given to and quality of their new system.

A Diva’s Hidden Hair Replacement Systems are affordable prices for everyone. There is no reason you should have to suffer any longer from hair loss. Call A Diva’s Hidden Hair at (858) 259-6833 to schedule a free hair replacement consultation. We look forward to seeing you soon!