Ad_Lib Business is an online training provider which brings Business English & Communication training, delivered by UK-based tutors, to businesses around the world.

The highly flexible service allows clients to study at their own convenience, irrespective of whether they are at home, in the office, or travelling on business – a solution particularly suitable for busy executives and other highly mobile staff.

Ad_Lib Business utilizes VOIP technology and/or teleconferencing solution and a Video Web Conferencing software to enable long distance training without compromising the quality of communication.

Ad_Lib Business is one of only few companies online which offer live training as a part of a Virtual Blended Learning package.
Virtual Blended Learning takes blended learning experience a step further by moving all of its components online.
It consists of:
•     Interactive Learning Modules – an e-learning platform accessible 24/7
•     Online collaboration tasks such as forum discussions moderated by trainers
•     Email mentoring
•     Live online sessions utilizing Ad_Lib’s videoconferencing facilities