Here at ADORA, you will find unique, quality handcrafted jewelry.

My love affair with designing jewelry was born in 2005 with a visit to Tucson, Arizona, home to one of the greatest gem shows in the country. I immersed myself into that ocean of sparkling gemstones and I knew then and there that there was no way back.

Inspired by color and the simplicity of primary shapes, I was always drawn toward natural, organic materials: unique pearls, quality semiprecious stones, different metals that I can bend or hammer in a variety of shapes. The rougher and less polished they are, the more I like them. And somehow they all manage to make it into unique pieces that turn heads and keep the compliments flowing.

None of my designs are sketched. Oftentimes I will let the stones tell me what they want to become. I prefer designs trending towards bold and asymmetrical, with lots of texture, and in colors that are often drawn from nature. Color seems to be the one thing that inspires me the most. Whether flawless and faceted or bold and chunky, the materials I choose have a story to tell. It’s up to me to create the venue so the jewelry speaks for itself.

Through trial and error I've learned to design pieces that I would enjoy wearing myself. This allows me to honor my true creativity, instead of producing something just to sell. That's what makes it my art. If someone else loves it, I'm flattered, but my purpose is to generate unique designs that evolve and change as I do.