Advanced Paving Technologies, Inc. has developed the world's first 3D Asphalt Paving Machine. The Multi-Segmented, Variable Screed Asphalt Delivery and Compaction System, or MADCS, cuts down on road rehabilitation time, emissions, cost and waste.

The MADCS is revolutionary in that is minimizes the need to mill down roads during rehabilitaiton. It uses a Lidar scanner to map a 3D asphalt mat to be delivered and compacted by a multi-segmented screed. The benefit of this system is being able to apply asphalt only where needed and in a way that lengthens the lifespan of the road.

In October 2015, APT will launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund the first phase of research to produce a prototype. Once the initial research is complete, we anticipate 3 years until a prototype is on the ground.

Visit us at www.adpavtec.com/brief-video to learn more.