Other dance studio and workshop have multiple classes, different varieties of dancing; even acting, singing and guitar lessons too. At Hip Hop Dancerz we mainly focus on the different dancing styles that just involve Hip Hop. Our classes are smaller so students can grasp the basic foundations of hip hop dancing even if they have taken hip hop dancing for years.  Our instructors come from different backgrounds and have specific styles that students can incorporate and use as their own.

Hip Hop Dancerz - Now offering low cost Adult Hip Hop Class in Fort Lauderdale for only $10.00/class. Our Hip Hop Dance Studio is located in Art Serve Inc. of Fort Lauderdale providing weekday and weekend adult hip hop classes. In addition, our hip hop classes are also designed for kids and teens interested in learning new choreographies, basic movements and keep in shape while dancing with others. We offer day, evening and weekend hip hop dance classes to accomodate everyon's schedule.

Students are able to start from the beginning and advance further in the company as performers in the future. We also offer lower rates than most other dance studios because dancing is suppose to be educational and fun, not costly!

 Time and patience is what dancing is all about, and at Hip Hop Dancerz we strongly belive that good dancers were achieved yesterday, but great dancers were made today.

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