Our Foundation is a philanthropic (not for profit) charitable organization that will advise un-well people how to get access to Adult Stem Cell Therapy (ASCT). The Foundation will also promote a campaign showing how it is possible to prevent or limit the progression of these degenerative diseases to the general public. Degenerative disease is an uncontrolled escalating world problem that if not controlled has the ability to bankrupt our health systems. Very little is being done to control this epidemic in Degenerative Disease.

The purpose of the Foundation is to show that people suffering from a degenerative disease like Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes 1 & 2, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Spinal Cord injuries, Liver diseases, Myocardial infarction, (to name a few) can now receive Adult Stem Cell Therapy that may change their quality of life for the better. That there is now HOPE.

Adult Stem Cell Therapy is now becoming more available in Western countries. Interestingly a country like Germany (the 4th biggest economy in the World) has passed an Act enabling private clinics under Government supervision to administer Adult Stem Cell Therapies to any German who wishes to pay for the therapy. Germany has a first class medical system.

The Adult Stem Cell Foundation has also become the Information Centre in Australasia for clinics that have demonstrated they abide by the highest medical standards, and have a proven track record with these therapies.

The ultimate purpose of the Adult Stem Cell Foundation is to publicize nationally that Adult Stem Cell Therapies are now available and to encourage as many people as possible to take advantage of this.

To raise money in the way of donations from benefactors, including private and commercial sponsorships. Principal activities also includes providing medical information on degenerative diseases for Doctors, health professionals and the general public. Running awareness programs to endorse healthy foods that may prevent the onset of degenerative diseases. To provide information to schools on healthy diet and lifestyle to help prevent these diseases (including resources for teachers), and providing scholarships and fellowships for study of degenerative diseases and their treatment.

New stem cell enhancing products (backed by science) are now available that stimulate the bodies natural release of Adult stem cells from the bone marrow into the blood stream. Science now recognizes that this simple process is the key to all renewal processes in the body.

To support financially, Adult Stem Cell research by leading Universities and Non Profit organizations. The Foundation’s goal is to have as much impact and awareness in the community with Degenerative Diseases, as other high profile Foundations have done with Breast Cancer like the McGrath Foundation. We would like to open offices in other countries. New Zealand will be next. Tax benefits may be available to certain entities that donate, please check with your Tax Advisor.


The Foundation has organized trials in partnership with medical practioners in Australasia who are familiar with stem cell transplant procedures. This makes availability of treatment much easier for patients.  These trials are experimental and the selected participants will self fund their element of the trial.

The Foundation or any of its officers do not receive any financial benefit from referrals to other medical organizations.


Hence we would like you, if you have a degenerative disease, to contact the Adult Stem Cell Foundation or a confidential chat OR consider becoming an Honorary Member.. This is an opportunity for you to help others less fortunate.

Learn the part adult stem cells play as the “Repair Kit ” for damaged tissue and organs anywhere in the body. Adult Stem Cells are really your best friend. You will learn the importance of keeping your own stem cells in a healthy condition, and how to do that. You will also learn how to increase the number of stem cells you have available, and why that is so important to a long and healthy life. As one ages you release less stem cells into the blood stream and that is exactly the opposite of what you want to happen. We will show you how to reverse that trend.

The number of stem cells circulating in the bloodstream is one of the greatest indicators of human health. As stem cells possess the ability to become virtually any kind of cell in the body. Supporting stem cell release can potentially enhance the health of every organ and tissue of the body, offering a golden opportunity for ongoing health and wellness for virtually everyone.

We need an army of many to turning the tide against degenerative diseases. BECOME AN HONORARY MEMBER