Advanced Fluid Systems, Inc is a leading fluid power distributor and systems manufacturer with three locations in the mid-Atlantic region.  Products and services include custom hydraulic power units, electronic controls and system integration; hydraulic and pneumatic components; and repair and field services.

Learn how our solutions oriented sales approach, dedicated engineering and quality products can help you reach your goals.

Hydraulic System Capabilities

Some of our capabilities include:
•Hydraulic power units from 1 HP power-packs to 1000 gallon multi-pump systems.
•PLC controls, closed loop motion profiles and custom software designed and tested in-house.
•Electric and combustion engine power management and J1939 system integration.
•Control panels and interfaces customized to your application and specifications: ◦LCD touch screen interfaces with real-time system feedback.
◦Radio remote controls that provide precision and accuracy at a safe distance.
◦Visual indicator lights for application sensors and switches.
◦Automatic shutdown and lockout of the hydraulic system and controls.

•Custom power unit fabrication including stainless steel construction, sound and vibration reduction, and specialized enclosures for any environment.

The Advanced Fluid Systems Advantage:

•Commitment - We take the time to learn your application, how it works and what your needs are before designing a solution.
•Experience - Over 220 years combined experience engineering and manufacturing fluid power solutions and controls (includes Sales engineers, manufacturing and engineering employees).
•Communication - Your dedicated sales engineer is your primary contact through concept, design, manufacturing and installation.
•Flexibility - Installation and system integration are performed on your schedule including evenings, weekends and holidays.
•Depth - Advanced Fluid Systems has several engineering, repair and field service employees available to support your systems and components

Moog Industrial Servo Valves and Actuators:

Moog is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic servo valves and servo actuators for the power generation industry.  Moog has over 10,000 servo valves in over 1,000 power plants worldwide; and over 3,000 of the 80 series hydraulic actuators in the field.

Some of Moog's power generation products include:
Servo and Servo-Proportional Control Valves: Moog manufactures high performance servo valves including explosion-proof and intrinsically-safe models.
Electro-Hydraulic Turbine Controls: The Moog's 80 series of turbine controls consists of a hydraulic servo valve, hydraulic fail-safe protection, an on-board filter, position trandusers, mechanical fail-safe protection and an integrated process valve for unmatched control and reliablility.
Hydraulic, Electric and Hybrid Electro-Hydraulic Linear Actuators and Controllers: Designed specifically for gaseous and liquid power generation applications, Moogs EMA products give you precise, customizable speed and positioning.
Other Products include: Fuel metering units, 'smart' fuel pumps, hydraulic lubrication pumps, Active instability combustor control systems and manifold based purge and metering systems.

Hy-Pro Filtration manufactures proven hydraulic products and systems for the power generation industry.  Some of Hy-Pro's solutions include lube oil varnish removal and acid prevention, Electical Hydraulic Control (EHC) system filtration, and fluid dehydration and conditioning.

Hy-Pro's Filtration products include:
Lube Oil Varnish Removal: Hy-Pro's SVR soluble varnish removal system removes varnish causing contamination while in solution without removing critical oil additives.
Free and Disolved Water Removal: The Hy-Pro VAC-U-DRY dehydration system is a mobile, self-contained fluid vacuum dehydrator which removes 100% of free water and dissolved water to 20PPM (.002%). It also removes 100% of free and dissolved gases and particulate to ISO 13/11/8.
Hydraulic Fluid Acid and Mineral Removal: Dry Ion Charge Bonding (ICB) elements reduce acid (TAN) numbers and minerals that form gels and deposits in EHC systems.
Non-Sparking Elements: Hy-Pro's NSD non-sparking elements eliminate oil degradation and additive depletion associated with electo-static spark discharge in EHC systems.
Stainless Steel Filter Elements: the Dynafuzz stainless steel elements from Hy-Pro provide superior filtration in systems with corrosive fluids that can form acids with glass media elements.
Pre-varnish, Lacquer, Gel and Sludge removal: Hy-Pro's Electrostatic Contamination Removal (ECR)

manufactures hydraulic components featuring high pressure pumps and valves, compact radial piston pumps and flexible mobile valves.

manufactures a full line of hydraulic components including digital proportional valves, NFPA directional controls, pumps and more.