About Advanced Metal Roofing: Owner James Kenton of Advanced Metal Roofing is proud to be the exclusive dealer of the MetalMan Roofing System in the state of North Carolina.  This is a superior metal roofing product with a patented, virtually seamless design, powerful Galvalume sheet base, Kynar paint finish, and Cool Roof Technology.

The virtually seamless design of the MetalMan Roofing System is a patent design that you won't find with any other roofing company throughout North Carolina.  Your metal roof will have a beautiful, sleek look that will leave your neighbors oooh-ing and aaaahhh-ing!

The Galvalume sheet base of our metal roof provides powerful protection from the elements.  The MetalMan Roofing System will is fire resistant and wind resistant. In fact, it has been wind tunnel tested at up to 200mph!  So those of us who reside in coastal North Carolina can rest assured that our MetalMan roofs can withstand those hurricane force winds.  Plus Galvalume sheet won't deteriorate over time like traditional asphalt shingles.  In fact, Advanced Metal Roofing provides all our customers with limited Lifetime Warranties that provide protection throughout the long life of the roof.

Our impressive metal roofing color selection is sure to complement any home, improving the curb appeal and boosting the resale value.  Plus, the Kynar paint finish ensures the color will not fade before its time.  A MetalMan roof will retain it's brand new look for decades beyond the competition.

Advanced Metal Roofing provides its customers with an Energy Savings Pledge of 42%!  With the Cool Roof Technology of a MetalMan Roofing System, more of the sun's radiant heat will be reflected and emitted back into the night sky meaning less heat being absorbed into your home.  Your attic will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and you will expend up to 42% less energy consumption because of it.  This means savings in your pocket every month for the life of the roof.

A MetalMan Roofing System from Advanced Metal Roofing in North Carolina is a worthy investment that will provide the protection and curb appeal you need today along with the increased value of your home you'll appreciate when you go to sell your house.

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