The DC/PT Integration program is an easy to implement program that can help you grow your business, as well as increase profits by getting more services covered by insurance companies including Medicare.

With DC/PT Integration, you essentially hire a Physical Therapist to provide services in your office. With the step-by-step guide, the process is simplified and offers a streamlined approach. This highly successful program has a proven track record.

Salaries for chiropractors have been declining over the years. But with this cutting edge program you can successfully grow your business and increase your annual income. And it doesn’t mean you have to work harder. It means you need to work smarter, and this program has been designed to help you do just that!

We have a growing list of satisfied clients who have used this program to reach their businessgoals. You can be the next chiropractor to do the same! Make a resolution now to take your business to the next level!

The comprehensive DC/PT Integration guide features:

• Why hiring a physical therapist (PT) to work in your office will increase your bottom line.
• Everything you need to know about hiring and managing a PT.
• More than 50 office forms that simplify implementation.
• Marketing strategies proven to generate a high return on investment.
• The insurance billing codes, modifiers, and rules you need to know to get paid.
• Helpful information on how to get medical referrals.
• Tips on how to track office statistics and address key issues.

The efficient DC/PT Integration guide has been designed to give you everything you need for quick and easy implementation. Before you know it, your office will be seeing more patients, collecting more revenue and growing exponentially!

You won’t want to pass up the remarkable benefits of the affordable DC/PT Integration program, which can help you:

• Spend less time working, while earning more.
• Avoid burnout and be able to concentrate on your business more.
• Improve customer service and increase stability and credibility.
• Sign up more new patients.
• Collect additional revenues from insurance companies including Medicare.
• Receive MD or DO referrals.
• Process hundreds if not thousands of additional patient visits annually.

This program is not new. Indeed, consultants have been offering it for some time. What is new is that we are offering it as an all-inclusive guide. By opting to use a simplified and easy-to-follow guide, rather than hiring a consultant, you will pay only a fraction of the cost, since consultants typically charge upward of $25,000 to help set this program up in your office!

We have streamlined the process and included everything you need to know in our DC/PT Integration program, which we are offering for the affordable price of $4,995 (or you can make two payments of $2,395 each).

If you are ready to learn more, or take the next step, log onto our site at
www.AdvancedRehabConsultants.com. We also invite you to call us for a free phone
consultation so that we can answer your questions and explain how your office can grow and benefit from hiring a physical therapist to offer services. You can reach us at 866-914-2003.

Through hiring a Physical Therapist to work in our offices, in 2009 we signed up over 800 new patients, processed over 13,000 patient visits, received over 400 MD referrals, and collected over $2 million, and we never treated a single patient. All treatment was performed by physical therapists. Our successful program can show you how do the same!