Advantage Newspaper Consultants (ANC) is recognized as the leader in TV Magazine advertising sales in the United States.  ANC works with both independent publishers and major newspaper chains to increase their core product ad revenue using innovative campaigns and creative, seasoned sales professionals that produce quantifiable results. Our sales manager’s work with newspaper management to set goals and create an incentive plan which accelerates a TV Magazine sales campaign targeted towards finding key hidden revenue in their market in two weeks or less.  

Using the same proven formula of enthusiastic joint sales calls and dedicated management support that has lead to thousands of successful TV magazine sales campaigns, ANC also offers a cross-platform advertising sales program.  This program, called Platinum Advantage, is a customized and concentrated sales approach that includes select online inventory and flexible ROP print advertising with a tiered pricing strategy that offers incentives for advertisers to invest in larger packages.  

ANC has an established record of reaching and exceeding advertising revenue goals with nearly every newspaper using our unique market and reader demographic knowledge.  We pride ourselves on providing our newspaper clients with sustainable, year-round ad revenue and helping them build stronger relationships with their advertisers.