Advatek offer a full end to end service for the design, implementation and on-going management of a wide range of cutting edge technology solutions, each of which is designed to address the real issues facing business owners today, for example in the areas of workforce effectiveness, operational efficiency and business continuity. They include:

Networks - Clients are migrating from deploying, managing, and maintaining many services-specific networks to delivering all services on a single IP (Internet Protocol) based network. This helps customers to significantly reduce their infrastructure costs.

Unified Communications - This bridges the gap between voice environments and computing to deliver real time messaging, voice and conferencing to the desktop.

Data Management - This involves the planning, development, implementation, and administration of systems for the acquisition, storage, and retrieval of data.

ICT Security - A guided approach to ensure integrity and confidentiality of data, which is crucial to every enterprise today.

Enterprise Applications - Used to connect together different software solutions and their underlying databases.

Enterprise Computing - The supply and implementation of large scale computing systems, servers and power management.

Cloud Services - The way the companies buy and use ICT is changing. There is a shift away from owning hardware and having applications based on site to buying software as a service.