About Advent-Oriental Asset Management

Advent – Oriental was founded in Rangoon, Burma (now Myanmar) in 1889 by Maj Gen Sir John Leopold Advent MC KCB. Burma was at that time an annex of India under the rule and administration of the British “Raj”.
 A highly decorated career soldier and nearing the end of his military service, Sir John had an Indian bride and substantial holdings in the Bengal region. Upon retirement, his purpose and intent was to form a company that would assist and advise retiring officers and men in investing their gratuities, pensions and assets wisely and prudently, in order that they may live out their retirement in comfort and security and so, Advent-Oriental Asset Management was born.
 Upon the death of Sir John in 1899, the company decided to open its doors to servicemen and civilians alike whilst continuing to honor Sir John’s basic tenet of “Wisdom and Prudence” and in 1962 moved operations to Singapore because of the political situation that was developing in Burma.
 Two further moves were to follow; Hong Kong Island in 1966 and finally, Shanghai in 2004 where our center of operations is now located.
The focus since 1991 has been on the now fashionable “green” technology sector in sourcing, researching and identifying opportunities in companies that are either developing, producing or manufacturing alternative energy solutions, ecologically friendly waste management & disposal systems– and their ancillaries.