AdventureDirect is an online marketing service dedicated to connecting adventure providers and seekers as quickly and productively as possible. To create traffic and leads, it provides free listings on an omnibus keyword search engine of leisure activities, with built-in concierge service. Each listing gets a free Concierge Page and password-protected control panel to manage a full range of online marketing tools, including message boards, photo galleries, lead management, printable coupons and a consignment storefront capable of selling everything from gift certificates and date-stamped tickets to merchandise. Merchants pay only $.25 per order, which are processed through the merchant's PayPal account.

Customized with the merchant's brand and content, the Concierge Page can be linked to the merchant's website, or function separately as a free-standing site for merchants without an online presence. Concierge Pages can be registered and optimized on search engines to score well on searches.

AdventureDirect also partners with regional sponsors to publish local market search engines of leisure activities, called Destinations, where merchants can post promotional messages and use their Concierge Page to market and sell their products.