Carol Patton is an award-winning journalist with a love for animals and a passion for writing. She created The Adventures of Mo as a tribute to her family dog, an American Eskimo named Mozart who passed away at age 10 due to cancer. Through this eBook, Carol hopes to connect with like-minded individuals and activate children’s imaginations so they can positively impact the world around them.  

The series is about a dog named Mo and a bird named Finchy that travel to each US state searching for the owner of a lost key who lives in Florida. But where is Florida? Each chapter reflects an adventure in a different state, touches upon state geography/history, and introduces cardinal directions. Readers guess which state the main characters are visiting based on clues in each chapter.This is a do-good project. While anyone can download the chapters for FREE, small donations are requested. Half of all net proceeds are donated to animal charities and children's literacy programs nationwide. The remaining half sustains the series.