Domains are the Missing Links

People coming on the web for the first time are met with many opportunities, much information and for the most part, are intensely confused and perplexed about what to do, where to go, what to buy, who to follow and all of the other things that lead to total and complete frustration. Having been there and done all that, I for one can speak clearly the truth about the scope of the net. Before 2003, I was busy working a job. I had never sat in front of a computer screen before that time and my very first computer, a Gateway, was like something out of this world to me. Therefore, setting on the path to find some semblance of reality was a process that led to spending untold thousands of dollars all which went to nowhere and did absolutely nothing. Frustrating, anger, confusion and hostility played an important role in my Internet career back in those days. I spent way more money than I ever got in returns and fell for literally every gimmick and gadget on the web in order to figure out that none of them worked at all, and the majority of those (so called) Internet marketing tools were nothing more than scams and lies. Have I done all this that I write about here, oh yeah!

Along Came my First Domain Name

I became associated with some people on the web that actually knew what they were doing, and I followed them closely, learning all of the systems, techniques and ways that they had before them in order to achieve success online. Unbeknownst to me, however, many of these people that were teaching these Internet marketing courses were talking about how to do all of this Internet marketing stuff; however, they were not making any money either! OMG! Was the entire Internet based on nothing but lies, hype, scam and people talking a lot, and meaning nothing? For sure! Whether we want to admit it or not, that is the Internet! About 99.9% of the stuff you see on the world wide web of deceit, is just that. Lies, crap and BS! There, I have actually told the truth on the web. Something that most will not ever do!

The Truth About Domain Names

The absolute and total truth about domain names is this. They can be the most valuable tool you will ever own/rent while on the web. Just BUYING the domain means nothing. Just HOSTING the domain means nothing. Having a GOOD DOMAIN NAME is total and complete BS UNLESS you do one simple thing. Learn how to build, create and promote that domain using hosting, original content, creative writing and logical and intuitive thinking and reasoning to bring it all together. NO domain that you buy will be worth the price of admission unless you learn how to use it. Another truth today from The Wildcat SEO Master!