On Sunday the 14th of June, the world will witness what will be a major invention in Advertising. The digital ad will no longer be your typical ad. Ads are about to get interactive and social. When people can interact with each other then why can’t ads? That’s right. The dawn of this new era of digital ads is proudly being introduced by Advertyze Networks.

This advertising network of the future has its foundation in UAE. The Grand launch of this interactive network is expected on the 14th of June, 2015 at the Grand Hayatt Hotels Dubai. The CEO of Advertyze Networks, Mr. Saad Siddiqui will be presenting the network and sharing this big advertising innovation with the world.

Advertisers from all over Dubai as well as from different parts of the world are invited to be part of this mega event. All major ad agencies of Dubai have confirmed their attendance for the event already. Advertisers are not solely the witness of this innovative outbreak in digital advertising,  publishers from all around the globe are flying to attend the event and be part of this great launch.

The clock is ticking as we are just a few days away from this evolution of digital advertisements. If you are an advertiser or a publisher and would like to participate in this Grand Launch of advertyze, then feel free to register yourself for the event by mailing at invite@advertyzeonline.com.