Ad Victoriam Solutions brings together Salesforce cloud and data analytics problem solvers who bridge the gaps between business and technology every day. Our experts are as fluent in business as they are in tech. We bring a laser focus to complex problems, breaking them down to solve them fast. We keep projects on time and on budget. And, we bring new meaning to collaboration, not only adding expertise to your team, but also making you feel like a welcome member of ours.

Successful companies thrive on efficiency, but working with multiple providers for various business computing solutions can be decidedly inefficient. At Ad Victoriam, our goal is to help you eliminate those inefficiencies, and we start by being the only provider you need to manage all of your cloud computing and business intelligence needs. Learn more about the technology-based solutions we offer, and how we help you find and implement the software and processes that will most benefit your business.

Enterprise Solutions
Let our experience and knowledge of industry-leading enterprise software from companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Salesforce guide you to the solutions you need to meet today’s business technology demands. Our enterprise technology team is ready to help you find the right software for your business.

- Salesforce® Solutions
- Microsoft
- Amazon Web Services

To be truly efficient, your systems should communicate seamlessly.
Our cloud data integration team can help your diverse systems speak each other’s language so that the information you need flows and connects seamlessly.

- Azure Service Bus
- Microsoft BizTalk Server
- MuleSoft
- Dell Boomi
- Design & Guidance

Data Intelligence
Your company needs access to clear, actionable data. The data intelligence team at Ad Victoriam makes sure you get the numbers that matter most, and helps you interpret and apply your most valuable information. Let us help optimize your data.

- Microsoft SQL Server
- AWS Redshift
- Salesforce Einstein Analytics
- Data Intelligence & Analytics
- Design & Guidance

Planning and strategy are essential to effectively deploying and utilizing software solutions, but with so many options on the market, choosing the right software and planning your approach can be daunting. Our team of technology strategists can help you identify your software needs, and find and deploy the right solutions for your business.

- Cloud Computing
- Internet of Things (IoT)

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