Advocacy Counts, Inc. has the expert base to ensure their clients will gain access to free and appropriate public school education and related services in the least restrictive environment their special needs kids deserve.

    We specialize in representing special needs children of all ages to obtain supports and services they deserve to meet their maximum potential. We provide representation at IEP meetings, state mediations and local dispute resolutions as well as due process hearings.

    We assist parents in obtaining legally enforceable IEPs and 504 Plans for their children with special needs. We help parents obtain occupational, physical as well as speech and language therapies for their children in the school they attend. We go to great lengths to make sure that every child we represent receives a high quality meaningful public education he or she deserves.

    Dr. Elle Furlong is a former Congressional staff member and is a highly regarded special needs advocate and nationally recognized expert in the field of Special Education law. Dr. Furlong has taught special education law classes at Florida Atlantic University for 6 years and has gained experience at the United States Senate on implementation of IDEA.