ADVYBE is a boutique mass communication company established in 2011 to help provide access to those in search of advanced media coverage, using the following: public relations, social media management, viral campaigns, brand development, outsourcing media support, product placement project management, and crisis management. We’re known for big ideas, smart, resourceful programs, and people that deliver game-changing results.  

A results-driven communications firm, ADVYBE attributes its success to the relationships they have with members of the media, including reporters, columnists, editors, bookers and producers, daily newspapers, magazines, consumer publications, business publications, wire news services, bloggers, new media outlets, radio and international media.

ADVYBE is a creative, smart, and engaging PR agency, with intimate relationships far beyond media, including government entities, celebrities, and influencers that can increase our clients’ return on engagement and marketing investment.

ADVYBE’s principals are practical professionals, so there’s no fluff when it comes to their views as to where the company is today, and where they see themselves evolving, “As a leading brand we seek to become a household name,” stated Ms. Lawrence. ADVYBE’s approach is very traditional, by building relationships with networks, freelancers, emerging artists, government officials, publishers, editors, journalists, motivated consumers, music labels, producers, and the like, the company plans to be a central part of mass media’s chronicle.  

Entertainment & Sports PR
In a crowded, distracted market, influencer endorsement is often the key to breaking through the clutter. We are experts at brand integration in all aspects of media, and enable brands to reach their target audiences through influencer relations, product placement and brand integration.

Beauty Public Relations
Every day, beauty brands fight for coverage in a media landscape that is simultaneously shrinking (magazines and newspapers) and expanding (blogs, video and other digital “e-media”), stretching resources to the limit. AD VYBE Public Relations (ADVYBE) navigates this challenge by breaking the beauty PR mold, delivering campaigns that create personal and powerful connections with consumers, retailers, media and influencers.

Immediate Release: Press Release
Press releases allow companies to present their news and to promote their work to the public through the media.

Lifestyles & Fashion
Whatever the goal – launching a new line, developing strategies to dominate a category, or building associations between brands and celebrity endorsers – our team of professionals creates sophisticated public relations programs that capture attention for today’s leading fashion, home and lifestyle brands.

*Custom Media Kits (online and prepared for print)
*Social Media Management
*Product Placement Campaigns
*Celebrity Endorsements
*Press Conference
*Project Management
*Custom Sponsorship Development & Research
*Branding & Image Development
*Communication Development & Research Trainers
*Advance Online Tools for PR (purpose only)
*Online Newsroom www.advybemag.com covering community stories

Lavish Guest Goodie Bag Product Placement (for details email Baggy Doddle Director info@advybepr.com)

Not-For-Profit and Athlete Charities

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