AEG is one of the leading and fastest growing American Education Consulting firm with a group of young, dynamic, experienced and American educated management and investors at the helm. Started with the concept to help students efficiently, quickly and successfully gain admission to top schools and to make every aspiring student’s dream come true. Our goal is to offer the most innovative and time-saving admission information that will make the laborious application process as simple as possible with personalized attention. Even amazing academic achievements, superb test scores, impressive resumes and the most focused efforts are sometimes not enough. What is required is the right approach, counseling and customized attention. We are highly committed to put student’s future above everything and it’s our paramount importance.

There is a growing contingent of students studying at the best schools in US who will testify to the veracity of the name -AEG. We, offer a bouquet of services which begin right from the time when a student first decides to venture into the echelons of higher learning to finally getting him in the school of his choice. We don the mantle of admission consultants, essay editors, resume counselors and admission guides. But we are much more than just these services providers. At AEG services are highly professional, transparent and result oriented with tailor made solution to each aspirant. Gaining admission to the premier schools which students globally aspire for is not an easy task. This seemingly tall order can be fulfilled and ultimately achieved-if you have the right friend, philosopher and guide. This is exactly where 'AEG' steps in.

With more than 600 universities and 95 disciplines in our database we understand the pulse how to make every student aspirations come true. We provide gamut of services to students in admission counseling, selection of universities, assisting in SOP (Statement of purpose), assisting in preparing recommendation letters, applying for scholarships RA's ,TA’s, Transcript evaluation, Transcript translation etc. Our packages are fully paid. We will pay all your application fees, standardized score reporting fee (GRE, TOEFL…etc), credential evaluation fee and all postal charges. Although the astounding success rates which AEG has been posting every year attest to the high levels of professionalism, our students are not just statistics or cases to us. At AEG, we work as committed facilitators who build bridges between aspirations and achievements. We believe our students are not clients but our goodwill ambassadors and this spirit of cooperation and commitment is all pervading at AEG. AEG offers complete end to end admission assistance and with our strong expertise you are in trusted hands.