The Artisan Empowerment Network/Creamkast.com is a two tiered services company, with art and entertainment business support services, and artist/brand development. Our business support services include exclusive diamond level industry events for musicians, poets, DJ’s, fashion designers, models, graphic artist, animators, sculptors, writers, dancers, performers, and singers. The Artisan Empowerment Network also provides legal services to assist with advocacy, copyrights, drafting contract agreements, dispute resolution, and general legal consultation.

Our artist/brand development begins with creamkast.com. Creamkast is an online interactive arcade style platform for consumers which allows them to interact with artist and designers, and/or become artist themselves. We are the first interactive entertainment conglomerate which involves the patron in the artistic macrocosm. Creamkast is the fertilization of inspiration creating high level art and brand development.

The AEN has invested 15 years behind the scenes of the entertainment industry developing a network of art, music, and event professionals committed to changing the way a career in art and entertainment is perceived. We believe that art creates an intrinsic value which can not be priced. We believe that the value and compensation for our craftsmanship should be measured by our processes, and not just our product. The AEN is now strategically positioned to complete the industry transformation by providing entertainment and event business services to the public.

Our mission is to maintain the integrity of an elevated value system in electronic art and design. We will level the playing field between big businesses and the artist. As artist we will employ ourselves and refine our crafts. As businessmen we will multiply our revenue streams, diversify, and increase our profits.

Are you looking for a career in the arts and entertainment industry?  Are you an artist unsure on how to enter the arena of digital media?  Do you think you have what it takes to become a successful artist, musician, poet, fashion designer, comedian, or graphic artist?  The Artisan Empowerment Network can help you!  We are a network of professionals dedicated to elevating your craftsmanship and compensation.  You do not have to be a professional entertainer to work with us; you must however be dedicated to success.  If you have a passion for art and entertainment we have an opportunity for you.  To begin working in the digital art and internet entertainment industry contact us immediately at 224.357.6537 or via email at aen@creamkast.com.

We offer elite business development and event planning services for musicians and artist. Advanced digital music and art services for fans, including video poetry, "empromptu" comedy, personal fashion designers and culinary services.