Aepiphanni Business Consulting is an operations management and business strategy firm based in Metro Atlanta, GA.  Our mission is to help business leaders create extraordinary businesses. We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of businesses and business leaders and have responded to those needs by providing:

Extraordinary Mindset:  We believe in helping good businesses become extraordinary ones
Performance-Based Consulting: We get paid when you get results
Operations Management: Developing and/or improving business processes, increasing efficiency, reducing waste and operating effectively
Business Strategy: Quantitative and Qualitative Modeling, Risk Analysis and Resource Planning for a successful future
Integration: Project management, resource management, just-in-time subject matter experts and accountability
Expertise: You focus on your core competencies, we’ll focus on helping you make your business extraordinary.

Aepiphanni Business Consulting is a Metro Atlanta, Georgia based small business Strategy, Operations and Outsourced Services Management consulting firm focused on serving the needs of professionals and privately owned companies in IT, Web Services, Software Design, Emerging Technologies, Retailers, Restaurants, Private Education, Consultants, Marketing, PR, Design and Coaching Industries start and grow successful businesses.  They serve businesses locally, nationally and internationally, in person and via the internet.