We specialize in providing high-resolution videography and photography as well as complementary sensory data, using unmanned aerial platforms (drones) to enable our customers to reduce risk/liability, improve quality, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their organization. We employ the most advanced aerial platforms available, including fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and multi-rotors, to meet the operational challenges our customers face. Applications across multiple industries and segments can augment human intensive activities in high-risk environments by leveraging aerial platforms ahead of deployed teams, to gain real-time situational awareness. Aerial platforms can then be used when the work is underway or completed to document work progress or results. Using various optic and sensory payloads (hi-res imagery, IR, thermal, LIDAR, & chemical sniffers) our platforms can transmit an abundance of visual and sensory data in real-time, to and from most anywhere, for rapid assessment, containment, and response.