AeroPodium is the podium for all aviation professionals!  We organise and manage high level international networking business events for the aviation industry, develop public relations worldwide and advise organisations about business contacts in the industry as well as new challenges and opportunities in both commercial and business aviation.  
We organise international aviation Summits, legal aviation Workshops (LAW), and Aviation Training Workshops (ATW).
We can manage projects of any size and risk.  Have you thought about organising a business conference or seminar that would promote your company and increase your network of contacts? Are you looking for a new aircraft to buy or lease? Are you interested in developing the profile and public relations of your company? Is your marketing campaign efficient?
A Business-to-Business conference is one of the most cost-effective ways to network in the industry as long as the cost of participating and time out of the office can be justified.  Low cost attendance fee combined with the highest possible standards is the mission of AeroPodium.