Affect lets you flavor your drink how you want it. Open the cap and enjoy a world of endless possibilities. Add as much or as little as you want, mix and match flavors, and indulge in your creation. Our specially developed liquid flavoring has the ability to change the way you drink spirits.

There are numerous benefits to customers -- as well as the supply chain-- with Affect’s new approach to flavoring spirits. Because Affect is a non-alcoholic product the flavor ingredients are not restricted by regulations that govern alcohol. Thus Affect can introduce ingredients into the flavoring to reduce the burn of alcohol, allowing enhanced enjoyment of your drink.  The major selling point is the taste, color, and aroma of Affect. Retailers and wholesalers also benefit significantly from the introduction of Affect. Distributors can reduce logistics costs and overhead. Stores, restaurants, and bars can free up shelf space and offer more flavor options. Affect is a win-win for everyone that likes to enjoy a good drink.