1. Where did the inspiration for Affiliate Print come from?
Almost 5 years ago our team started offering a standard printing service online. We quickly grew to become the fundamental player in the market and proved time after time that we could deliver online printing orders cheaper, easier and faster than the competition. That’s what we’re still doing; delivering more affordable, easier and faster, printing to you – that’s our passion. Welcome to Affiliateprint.

2. Tell us a little about your expertise in the Printing arena?

We use a wide variety of processes to give a high-quality finish to your packaging, always with colour fidelity which is so critical: we do offset and flexographic printing on state-of-the-art 7-colour machines, using special colours or surface lacquers, holographic film, UV lacquering or stamping. Our specialists take care of processing your details and data in our prepress service centres for flexographic and offset printing. For you this means: shorter paths, quicker delivery, lower costs.

Our roots are in the printing industry so you can depend on Affiliateprint’s traditional strengths. We can produce all facets of your print project in-house with every kind of print material you can imagine. Whether you have a custom print job or a complex project, we can turn your ideas into reality! From One-to-One Variable Data Printing to traditional print production, Affiliateprint can produce effective print solutions for your institution.

Our people have the knowledge and experience and are totally committed to assist you in every possible way to help you achieve your desired result

Affiliateprint will help you become aware that there is a better way of managing the Design, Artwork, Printing, Storage and Distribution of your printing products. We call this Your Total Print Solution, where we manage the project for you and save you time, resources and costs.

3. Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

Why do our clients work with us? Because they realize the value of having a partner with access to the strategies, technologies and creative team you need to help you grow your company or organization.

We have built ample success stories in the past 5 years. We have worked for media consultants, SMEs, entrepreneurs, accountants, takeaways, restaurants, local businesses, print resellers, fashion designers, photographers, makeup artists, ecommerce stores, general & superstores, and many more.

We were successful in printing deluxe, and the most economical brochures, booklets, magazines and folded leaflets for our clients. Some of our work being carried out overnight and delivered the next morning, we devote our time and consideration to our clients so they can have their dreams printed!

4. What's your greatest client success story?

With consumer packaged foods, customers gravitate toward appealing packaging first and judge a brand by its cover. That’s why a leading and world’s renowned authentic Kashmir food restaurant needed a tool to monitor the quality of its key brands’ equity and packaging print. They were looking for ways to ensure consistent brand messaging, evaluate print quality and monitor and communicate colour expectations. A print quality program was key to be part of the consideration set when selecting future print partners.

We took aim at each of our client’s needs and addressed them with a simplified, yet highly effective, customized print quality management tool for objectively measuring print brand compliance. Our print quality program team, in partnership with their brand design team, set brand colour standards, ink targets and colour metric readings to precisely communicate colour expectations to each printer.
What we have accomplished through this was exceptional;

•     Single platform for all print converters
•     Print converter training
•     Ink targets and equipment audits
•     Brand-specific colour standards
•     Monthly scorecard system
•     Regular tracking, monitoring and evaluation

And so as the results were phenomenal;

•     Improved print quality
•     More consistent and predictable package prints
•     Accurate print process data
•     Clearly defined print and brand expectations

5. What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

In these challenging times the creation of the right portfolio of products and services is essential in creating a sustainable business strategy. Ensuring, we have the right business model which delivers profitability and sustainability is something that needs to be looked at again as the economy recovers and the technology that is available and the options for process improvements and throughput opens up new opportunities.

Printing is profoundly more complex and industry conventional boundaries are fading. Technology is bringing competition into backyard and we have the opportunity to similarly follow.