On Translatormaven.com candidates can search bilingual jobs and add their resumes to the site so that they can be found by employers who are seeking their language skills. TranslatorMaven also provides resources to assist candidates in their job search. Employers can post bilingual jobs at the fraction of the cost of posting on general job boards and yet receive a selection of candidates who are specific to their search. Visit http://translatormaven.com.

TranslatorMaven provides discounted job packages to employers. All active job packages allow employers to have access to candidate resumes. Employers are able to choose from the following job packages: 1 job posting, 1 featured job posting that appears above non-featured job posting, 3 job postings, 5 job postings or 10 job postings. The larger the job package, the cheaper each job posting is. The job listings do not need to be used immediately after purchasing; they must be used within 12 months of purchase.

TranslatorMaven was started to connect employers searching for candidates, to fill their language needs, with multilingual job seekers. TranslatorMaven.com is a website belonging to Affinity Jobs Inc.