The idea of affordable sparked when we had our first baby (Rayyan). However, soon we realized that kids grow up fast and all the splendor of branded clothes goes to waste, and other unwanted items like baby stroller, baby coat, car seater etc occupy extra space. We feel that these assets are not fully utilized and we wanted to get some ROI on purchased items which we  also wanted to remove from home. So we thought why not just create a shared platform that constructs a reliable channel for people.

By using our marketplace, Buyer is getting the satisfaction of qualified item as classified website does not provide any guarantee or warehousing. Seller can earn money with the guarantee of our free return policy by using our marketplace. The Awesomeness of our business is that it Support echo friendly system by reusing or utilizing someone else assets. In our business no scam, no fraud  as our marketplace is middle man between buyer and seller to provide guaranteed quality used item with in low budget.