AffordableVet.net was launched in January 2015 by Dr. John Stepusin DVM, and Jeff Saporito.  In conjunction, Dr. Stepusin is assisting in the development of A Step Up Veterinary Clinic in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, which will soon double as the official headquarters of AffordableVet. He has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 35 years in the south Pittsburgh region. Jeff Saporito has successfully helmed the development of multiple multimillion-dollar online businesses since 2011. The two combined their areas of expertise to create a unique online shopping experience for pet medications.

Annoyed with other confusing, visually-overloaded veterinary websites, AffordableVet.net was designed to help customers find what they need hassle-free, purchase it, and get on with life.  There are no walls of text with information you don't want, and no lies about prices or savings. There aren't phony sales, marketing popups or complicated checkouts. You see the product, you see what it cost, and it gets shipped to you quickly. That's what we're about.

Also, we have free shipping on all medication products, regardless of order total. That's affordable.