Afratin women's clothing manufacturer with a history of production since 1379 in the field of production of women's clothing such as: women's blouses, T-shirts, tops and tunics, hoodies, comfort, women's ball gowns, ball gowns, ball gowns, pants, skirts, pants, home clothes and … Competitive with the world's top clothing and apparel manufacturers using the best fabrics and raw materials and advanced sewing equipment, which specializes in the production of women's clothing and apparel four seasons. In the production of Afratin women's clothing, all fabrics are exclusive and fully meet the tastes of Iranian fashionable women, and the special feature of our products, which is durability, comfort, quality, and professional sewing, for your stores, dear customers, gain credit. Will bring special.
Accepting orders in the production of Ephratin clothing and apparel

Afratin women's clothing manufacturer is ready to receive any orders and produce all kinds of girls' and women's sets, T-shirts, shoes, tonics, tops, women's blouses, sports sets, shorts, etc. with your brand.
Afratin clothing white label service is a bed that is offered to customers and large stores and makes it possible for products to be produced and presented by Afratin under their own brand. For more advice and familiarity with how to order, contact us .