We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the National Alopecia Areata Foundation!  We will donate 10% of your order to NAAF, when you checkout with the code below.

NAAF Ascot Fund
NAAF’s Ascot Fund puts hair prostheses within reach! This special program was established thanks to an anonymous donor who wished to help adults and children with alopecia areata purchase a hairpiece. A small number of organizations offer assistance for hairpieces to children but not to adults, making this program the first we know of its kind. Over one hundred individuals have benefited from the fund since the start of the program in January 2004.

You are eligible for the Ascot Fund if you meet the following requirements:
have been diagnosed with alopecia areata by a dermatologist or doctor,
are unable to purchase a hairpiece due to financial challenges,
are not already in possession of the hairpiece shown on the application,
have not already paid for the full balance of the cost of the hairpiece.

(The Ascot Fund is a pre-purchase program; reimbursements are not provided for any purchases paid in full either by credit card or other financial means).
The maximum amount awarded is $500. The applicant needs to be able to pay any balance beyond the award amount.

Please call NAAF at 415-472-3780 and ask them about the ASCOT Scholarship.

To receive assistance in ordering your wig, please contact us at African American Wigs, 800-277-3710