Africanmangocanada.ca now offers the most popular weight loss supplement there is on the market today called African Mango.

The Canadian company RJEstores has researched and chosen to help Canadians reach their weight lose goals by providing African Mango in Canada with the same discounts as our neighbours in the south.

The owner of African Mango Canada, Richard Jarvis was quoted as stating that… “Canadian have been buying African Mango from the USA for years now and have been getting the shaft when it comes to duty on cross border shopping, custom fees and then expensive shipping cost on top.”

“We can now provide Canadians with a selection of high quality African Mango products from trusted sources we have partnered with in the USA”. Richard explains. “This is very important for a few reasons.”

“The first is the savings on the sales tax, (GST and HST). Canadians have to pay more for their African Mango in Canada if they purchase here in Canada. Now they don’t have to because we have setup discount links at http://www.AfricanMangoCanada.ca that treat Canadian shoppers the same as any other customer in the world and there is no sales tax because the sale is made in the USA via the manufacturers website”.

Richard also explained that for many years now Canadian shoppers have been paying too much for shipping just because products like African Mango are coming into Canada. It was noted that outrageous shipping fees were being charged when regular shipping rates should apply. This has been a money grab from Canadian consumers for years and we just put a stop to it.

The same discount links provided at AfricanMangoCanada.ca product will be purchased and shipped for less now in some cases less than shoppers could get it shipped in Canada.

Here’s a little secret...Anyone can use these discount links to purchase their African Mango and take advantage of the discounted shipping rates and free bottle offers now.

As you may already know that African Mango is growing in popularity and is starting to become more available everywhere these days since it hit the market back in the late 2000’s and continues to grow in popularity as more people try it and are successful.

Yes! There are many other weight loss supplements on the market today but 98% deliver broken promises but African Mango is clinically proven to deliver which is why it is so popular.

Because African Mango in Canada is not an overnight lose weight solution, many people are using it and seeing results after just weeks. It has proven time and time again that it can really live up to its promises.

Even if you already use African Mango in Canada ordering through AfricanMangoCanada.ca will save you money and you will know you’re getting the real product and not a lower filler filled version that also available on the market.

Richard Jarvis closed stating that “it’s about time Canadians get the same deals and the same African Mango in Canada.”