A new interactive poll/voting website has finally launched online. Afriendlypoll.com is a new platform where users can participate in anonymous polls/voting without a registration. With the new platform, users can create their own polls on any subject of topic without restriction. The only restriction is adult content, graphic violence, communal. Online users can register to the website for free by just using an email ID or by logging in with Facebook ID.

Online polls are good source of honest feedbacks on certain topic, products or services found online. It provides variety of answers from different online viewers that are both informative and helpful at the same time. Users can create a secret poll among friends using the new website. Afriendlypoll.com also gives users the permission to restricted members where they can see the poll and participate. For instance, organizations can make use of the website for their employees only. User can customize the settings of poll and select the members who can participate in the voting.

Individuals who are looking for a quick feedback from the audience can make use of the website. Afriendlypoll.com features user friendly polls that are easy to understand and answer. Online users can use the website and engage their target audience easily with the help of this website.  It is a helpful tool that can help users check with their customers or audience anytime.

Afriendlypoll.com has a friendly and interactive user interface that is most preferred by any users over the web. All polls posted in the website come with photos or video making them visually appealing to the online audience.  Users can create and deliver polls online quickly and easily with the use of the website. They can make their own Afriendlypoll account by signing up for free to create and launch their online poll in just a matter of minutes.

Online users can ask their audience for an instant feedback about anything. They can make use of Afriendlypoll.com to keep their website or social media page’s visitors interested and engaged by adding an element of fun to their experience in using online polls. Businesses that are looking for honest feedback on their products or services can make use of the website as a form of their market research. The website is also helpful for audience who are conducting political research as they can run tracking polls as well as quick polls on different political campaign issues that are creating a buzz worldwide.
Afriendlypolls.com posts not just typical online polls with photos in its website. It also features videos posted by individuals, businesses and different organizations that are interested to gather feedback on certain topics over the web. The polls posted in the website cover anything from business, education, entertainment, fashion, politics, government and more.

To know more about the website and how it works, feel free to access and explore http://www.afriendlypoll.com/.

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