The Council for Afrika International is an independent, victims-led, non-supremacist think and doing tank that works for the eradication of afrophobia and anti-africanism i.e. discrimination, injustice and all forms of cruelty directed at persons of African ancestry in consonance with UN Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, through advocacy, representation and campaigns for new platforms, schools of thought, approaches and paradigms.

AFRIKA INTERNATIONAL positively promotes the reinstatement of the rights, wellbeing and security of Africans and persons of African ancestry as equal global citizens and peaceful coexistence within the human race. The Council counters structural constructs, policies, strategies and decisions that dehumanise and undermine the dignity of Africa, persons of African ancestry and the interests of the African continent. In the pursuit of our purpose, we adopt a joined-up approach for an international coalition of individuals, all relevant local, regional, national and international agencies through proactive partnership and engagement strategies.