Who we are.

Agenda Video is a young and ambitious internet video production company based in London. We’ve had a lot of experience in creating videos for social media so we decided to go further and help different businesses in the video making process

What we do.

We create marketing videos for websites and social media: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. We have extensive experience in internet media. Our videos are watched by 200 million people every month. Our “video factory” with 50 professional
Our team.

Everyone in agenda.video is an experienced internet video professional. Our creators and video editors are hardworking, helpful and full of initiative. We always try to improve ourselves and make our videos work hardest for our clients. We have an international team where everyone respects each other and passionate about power of video.

Our idea.

Video is the most popular marketing tool right now and its popularity is only going to grow. Our mission is to help businesses to engage customers online. Unlike established video companies, we produce beautiful videos quickly and inexpensively. All you need is to define the key features of your product that you want to promote. Easy, Affordable, Effective!