At The Agenne Corporation, one of the cornerstones of our vision is the advancement of internet technology. From sales-building, secure ecommerce software to online and in-store gift registry systems, our software is built upon a foundation of modular design and ease-of-use.

Among our more recent innovations is AgenneBridge, a secure, bi-directional method of transmitting documents. AgenneBridge provides high-volume document transfer capability requiring little more than clicking "Print" within virtually any Windows application. AgenneBridge is HIPAA-compliant and solves the security problems of transferring confidential data via unsecured email or consumer box file sharing solutions.

Our vision statement is simple: "To Build Better Customer Relationships through Communication, Collaboration, and Innovation". We work with our merchants to provide the features and support they need to reach their goals and we strive each day to make them as successful as possible.