AG Communications Group is a marketing communications consultancy. We focus on integrated marketing communications, social media and public relations to provide marketing to ethnic and international audiences with tremendous buying power.

Our story started in 2005 in Belgium when we launched the team blog for an Internet marketing agency. In 2006 we relocated to Sweden and successfully launched and managed JobsinStockholm.com through 2008, ensuring that it was a trusted brand for the expatriate and international market. And we continue to work with a diverse group of clients.

Do you dream about doing business in the United States or in Europe? AG Communications Group can create your integrated marketing communications plans for both environments. Click through to learn about why you should be a part of the Transatlantic Economy.

We have developed and continue to manage several brands and while we are as diverse as our clients’ needs we specialize in reaching black women through ethnic marketing and expatriates through international marketing. Leverage the reach of the AGCG Advertising Network. Additionally, we will customize a package that ensures your advertising is seen on the sites your market visits regardless of your geographical target.