Aglepie is the first live search engine build by a community of website owners who own and control the search results pages. Place your link, update your text, and sprinkle your Ad with an image, video, Skype button, music playlist etc).

To become a member of Aglepie, you need to have a website or have a page on a social network site like Facebook or Twitter. Once a member, you can create PiePages (search results pages) and place PieAds on them. A PieAd is a link to a website + a piece of text, and a sprinkle (image, video, Skype button, music playlist etc).
You can also place your PieAds on PiePages of other members, as long as they are not upgraded to trademark PiePages, which means that only the creator of the PiePage can place PieAds on them (like a personal bookmarking page).

Place your PieAds on the PiePages and keep the information up to date. The most updated PieAd ranks higher on the PiePages, just like twitter or live search engines. Yet the number one spot is preserved for the member who created that PiePage.

For businesses:
Aglepie provides a great new way for (startup) businesses to control their online activities. On just one trademark PiePage, you can show our users all your online activities in a visually strong and pleasing way; think of a sitemap but then much more engaging and fun for the users. In fact, you can even use a trademark PiePage as your sitemap link on your website!
You can also promote your products by creating one product trademark PiePages and sprinkle them with images or a youtube video to show the inner workings of that product.
If a search results page on a traditional search engine is the doorstep to your website, then a trademark PiePage is the luxury version. Add your own backgrounds to your PiePages and add images, Youtube videos, PayPal donate buttons, Grooveshark music playlists, Skype buttons and more to your PieAds. Your customers will bookmark and share your PiePages for quick reference and updated information.
Secure PiePages for your business website and online social activities, in the same way you secured a website for your business. And just like owning a popular website can be very profitable when you sell them, the same counts for owning popular PiePages that overtime, can be worth serious money.

We don't tolerate spam or misrepresentation. If a PieAd is not related to the PiePage (spam), we will ban the website owner from the search engine. They will lose all their PiePages that then, can be claimed by our other members. By providing our members with a piece of electronic real estate, we can keep the search engine honest and valuable for our visitors.

It's free and easy to add your links and other information to the search engine, so join us and promote the biggest brand you have online, your website!