Isis Moon Publishing was established in 1985 as a independent publisher, a joint proprietership. With no plan for marketing and promtions initially, we had to think fast when our first printing of 10,500 books arrived! This was the first printing of "The Incredible Potato - A Cookbook and History.", which to date has sold almost 20,000 copies.

My marketing plan began when I spotted the huge potato displays in my local Grande Prairie Safeway store. The kind manager of the store liked my idea of a double rack to house potato books beneath the large potato display and presented the idea to head office. In two weeks my first order for 980 books arrived. These large books orders were to occur every few months and in one year I had almost sold my printing. This printing also came at a time when there was a no return book policy, when you ordered a book it was considered sold. The power now lies in the hands of the bookstore owner.

When the authour, Agnes Toews-Andrews turned to spiritual and metaphysical studies, 4 other books arrived to fill this gap in Canadian literature.
Although these books arrived at other times in publishing they have also sold well, by sheer persistance to market in many different ways. Book stores, gift stores, libraries, markets, craft fairs and the back garage gift shop... all became book outlets. Media included developing our own TV show in Ontario and doing much local radio and newspaper.

We are grateful to have been able to present Canadians with alternative literature, based on personal experience in Canada and abroad in the paranormal and metaphysical realms.
The latest publication, our littlest book of 80 pages,  "The Goddess Lives-Poetry Prose and Prayers in Her Honour", deals with three powerful experiences that Agnes had in the past few years which allowed her to re-expereince The Goddess and recognize her as Source.

Our success lies in the dedication to avidly market and promote our books for at least one year. From our humble no-knowledge beginnings to now being one of Canda's leading independent publishers, we are proud of our acomplishments.