AgooBiz.com is THE Social Commerce Network, bringing small to mid-sized businesses, Green Businesses, and non-profits together in one B2B & B2C community.

The benefits to all AgooBiz.com™ // The Social Commerce Network member businesses is that there is now a B2B and B2C E-Commerce platform where businesses can sell their products [to each other and to consumers], while they connect, share their ideas, share their deals, share their products, and share their customers in a social network environment...hence, The Social Commerce Network.

AgooBiz.com rank has increased 81% over the last 3 months. AgooBiz.com was launched on July 5, 2011 and is 9 months old. As of 04.30.3012, it reaches roughly 3,420 users and delivers about 7,590 pageviews each month.

Every company [that opens a free AgooBiz™ MicroSite] gets to:
*   announce/update their current business status [similar to Facebook's wall]
*   showcase/promote their services
*   blog about their brand/product [their readers can leave comments]
*   blog about their campaigns [their readers can leave comments]
*   sell their products in one place.

Our shopping cart [E-commerce feature - should you need one] is full-service and free to use for members. There are no subscription fees & no one-time fees. We don't take any money from you up-front for any of our features. We believe small businesses shouldn't be charged before they've made any money with us. The only fee we have is a nominal % of sale when you actually sell something.

1. To "level the playing field" for small to mid-sized businesses [who don't have the resources] to compete with larger companies.

2. For businesses with an existing supply chain [i.e. Supplier >> Manufacturer >> Wholesaler >> Distributor >> Retailer >> Small Retailer >> End-User] to be able to expand that supply chain by branching it out and forming new partnerships through AgooBiz.com™.

Put things into perspective for a moment:
*   Without AgooBiz.com™ a business has access to free blogging elsewhere, but they can't easily sell their products in the same place.
*   Without AgooBiz.com™ a business can communicate with "fans" on Facebook but it's still not easy to sell products using a shopping cart on FB [With FB you need to plug in various Apps, you need developers, and you need to pay money to get it all working]
*   Without AgooBiz.com™ a business can have customer reviews/ratings on AngiesList, but its customers must pay a subscription fee in order to read these reviews & ratings. When you take away the reviews/ratings from AngiesList, there are no more features left – it becomes a simple directory like YellowPages.
*   Without AgooBiz.com™ a business can have a web site and pay for a shopping cart service such as "ZenCart" or "BigCartel", but they're required to pay pretty hefty fees up-front and recurring fees later whether they made money with this shopping cart software or not.

AgooBiz.com™ gives you all of the above features [plus many others like embedding all your YouTube or Vimeo videos directly into your MicroSite] in a single Social Commerce Network FOR FREE!

*    WE will be adding more features [such as displaying your Tweets and Facebook posts directly on your MicroSite] in the next 6 months.
*    Social Plugins for every member to significantly increase exposure to their business.
*    E-Commerce Data Feed for rapid uploads of multiple product listings.

WE hope this gives you a better idea of what AgooBiz.com™ is all about. WE wish you a productive future and WE hope you will enjoy growing with AgooBiz™!

"WE work greater than me"™