Given away by her mother (Keasha A.) at three months old, Agnes is placed within an environment that looks safe on the outside, but is regretfully unsafe on the inside.  Anges is played by Shaquise Easton, who's thought provoking performance brings Agnes to life. Visa Bauknight plays the role of First Lady Buna Alexander. Buna's refusal to address the turmoil in her own home, releases the wrong spirit in her house that will resurface at the wrong place and time.The hilarious Uncle Al, played by Brandon Ivey, loves his family and makes sure that he keeps everyone loose and laughing.Comedian Sista Watermelon plays Chef Wednesday in this production and will have you in stitches. Friend of the family and Uncle Al's love interest, Dr. Jasmine Harris, is played by Latoshia Maloyd. Dr. Harris is loyal to the family no matter what comes or goes. Agnes' fiance, Brandon is played by Patrick Johnson. Brandon is heartless and is partly responsible for the "Side Effect" triggering in Agnes' life. Brandon's mother, Bernice is played by Anne Richardson-Smith. Bernice and Buna have been friends for 30 years. Will she allow circumstances to destroy their bond? Wait a minute, who's this showing up at the engagemnet party? No, it can't be, Brandon, Sr. (played by Gerald L. Scott)! This is one guest that just may be in for a rude awakening. Grady, Brandon's best man is played by Santoine Butler. Though he wants to seem innocent, Grady's silence makes him just as responsible for Agnes' downward spiral. Wait a minute, who is this mysterious woman that just showed up? It's Mona, played by Taina Figueroa. Not only will she turn heads, she will confuse them as well. Shawntaria Franklin, plays the role of Rebecca. Rebecca is Agnes' best friend. Rebecca will do whatever it takes to help her best friend recover and get back on her feet. Will Rebecca live to regret her decision? Will Agnes betray her trust? Rebecca's daughter, Natasha, is played by Kiyanna Lampton . Granddaddy, played by Augusta's own Izola (Pee-Wee) Garnett, is the spiritual rock in Rebecca's home. Granddaddy is hard of hearing and his sight is failing him. The reality is, he can see and hear more than what people give him credit for. Rebecca's neighbors Jericho, played by Roy Figueroa and Tonya, some how some way gets caught up in a web spun by Rebecca's house guest. The web of confusion will place a wedge between the once loving, peaceful neighbors. Who better to untie the web of confusion than Detective Joseph.

The Stage Play, Side Effects….Hurting People, Hurt People is filled with high emotion, laughter and great singing that will minister deeply to your soul.

-  Written and Directed by Antonio G. Wells