AhR Pharmaceuticals is devoted to the development of a newly discovered natural hormone named ITE into an efficacious and sustainable but low side-effect therapeutic agent in cancer intervention and possible eradication. Severe side effects and low effectiveness are the two main limitations of the current cancer therapies. We demonstrated that ITE can not only effectively block the growth of cancers but also completely eliminate cancers without relapse on animal models. The amazing data can be explained by ITE's capability of possibly mobilizing immune systems to accurately attack and clean up cancer cells while it can directly assault cancers by inhibiting division, promoting apoptosis, inducing differentiation, and blocking migration of cancer cells plus blocking angiogenesis and actions of estrogen and androgen. Importantly, since it is a natural hormone with natural and safe ways of metabolism and low chance of 'off-target' actions, ITE is well expected to be low in side effect/s.