Ahtel Wines imports from some of the most elusive, historical, and increasingly popular wine regions around Central Europe. We pursue standards of excellence through developing long-term partnerships with producers that possess a profound respect for terroir and are benchmarks in their region, and as such, our portfolio presents quality, small-production old-world style wines as well as intriguing regional varietals from Central Europe.

Founded on the mission that great wine should be shared and enjoyed, Ahtel Wines focuses on selecting unique, artisan wines and working collaboratively with our distribution partners. We understand that each region and varietal have unique challenges and opportunities in the market. With over 25 years marketing experience on the team, we proactively strive to drive awareness of the region and its wines.

We partner with distributors who aim to provide a unique and interesting portfolio of wine to their clients, and are committed to lasting partnerships with our suppliers and distributors to build long-term success.

If you would like to inquire about partnering with us or distributing any of our wines, please send us a quick note to info@ahtelwines.com