AICSYS has been manufacturing Industrial Chassis and Specialized Single Board Computers for almost twenty years and has been a major supplier of OEM/ODM IPC Products to many of the leading IPC companies in Europe, Asia, and North America. Private labeling and behind the scenes support, has been AICSYS’ primary function. Recent changes in the global IPC Market has caused AICSYS to re-evaluate its’ position. As a direct result, AICSYS has released a line of products which bear the AICSYS name and will focus primarily on Ruggedized Industrial Chassis and a highly focused line of Single Board Computers.
AICSYS has expanded its’ manufacturing capabilities to include sites in Taiwan. The Chassis facilities have over 3000 square meters of manufacturing space and house (4) NCT Machines, (9) CNC Machines, and several other automated pieces of fabrication machinery. With the addition of these facilities, AICSYS has positioned itself as a major player in the IPC Market through cost effective and superior quality products. AICSYS-USA is responsible solely for design & development, while AICSYS-Taipei facilitates all Marketing, Sales Distribution, and Customer Service for the Asian & European Markets, including OEM/ODM products for local vendors.
No matter how many features an SBC may have, without a well designed Chassis your solution is not impressive at all. AICSYS capitalizes on previous Chassis development experience for the next generation of products, enhancing reliability, durability and safety features. To provide our customers complete solutions, AICSYS has integrated several “Ready-to-Use” products such as, the CYCLOPS Series - 1U LCD/Keyboard Drawers and WEBSTER – All-in-One Servers.
While Industrial Chassis and Systems remain the foundation of the AICSYS product line, OEM/ODM projects allow our R & D Team to shine. Simple modifications such as minor BIOS modifications, changing the color of a chassis, and adding a company logo are just a few services AICSYS offers its customers. AICSYS also provides a complete design service to customers as well. Our team of Design Engineers will manage your project from conception to post production support. At AICSYS we have the unique ability to produce both large and small quantity OEM products.
Producing the highest quality products possible is our number one goal at AICSYS. To compromise the integrity of a product in order to beat the competition to market is something we at AICSYS do not believe in. Rushing a product through a production cycle can result in catastrophic failures, our approach to design, development & production is an extremely cautions one. Each product is rigidly stress tested as well as field tested prior to release. Utilizing state of the art technology to design and manufacture our products ensures our customers receive the highest quality products available.
Experience today the advantages of having over seventeen years of manufacturing, engineering, and customer support that AICSYS can bring to your next project.