The New Normal – That is what AIKIDO Bay, Inc. is calling the new online service introduced to the lobster industry.  AIKIDO Bay, Inc. is offering a new way for lobster sellers and buyers to get together in the virtual environment of the internet with safety and security and extremely low costs.  Their proprietary programming allows for daily online real-time auction experiences, ensuring the anonymity of sellers and buyers up to the point a sale is completed.   Much pressure falls on the relationships between buyers and sellers who have shared a long term business relationship, been limited by geography and exposure to the market, or just don’t take the time to ensure their marketing is reflective of the constantly changing prices across the North Atlantic and beyond.  AIKIDO Bay’s system works to open this relatively small industry to the world.  We bring more money to the sellers up front, require less effort AND money overall from the buyers and get both sides of a transaction satisfied much quicker.  For more information, call Kevin Murphy at (207)838-2969 or use the request information form on our website.  www.aikidobay.com  

AIKIDO Bay’s services will become the ‘new normal’ in buying and selling lobster.  Ease of use will drastically reduce the amount of time and money spent buying and selling lobster by traditional methods (dedicated buyer and sellers, time on phones and email, negotiating pricing, dealing with credits, getting paid, etc.!)  Payments are fast.  Credits are reduced.  Time spent by buyers and sellers is reduced dramatically.  Sellers can sell to anyone anonymously.   Buyers can anonymously buy in areas they have traditionally had trouble breaking into.  AIKIDO Bay will listen and evolve, always considering the user’s best interest.

This is a major shift in the approach to lobster buying and selling.  Everyone stands on the same footing.  Everyone starts with the same advantages.  And everyone remains anonymous, only having their identities revealed to the other party in a transaction after an auction is complete.  Money is made or saved on both sides and again, AIKIDO Bay makes it possible with an easy to use, online, ‘work at your own pace’ system.  

AIKIDO Bay will spawn employment in Maine.  Besides our growth as a company, we will spawn additional industries, including roving quality control assessment for buyers, logistics and transportation services, lobster holding services and more.  And the quality of the lobster being offered is enhanced as a result of the speed and timing of these auctions, resulting in less time from the fishermen to the consumer. Time in transit is not a live lobster’s friend.  
This is the new normal for lobster buying and selling.  Special offers are available to charter subscribers, including NO annual fees for the first year, and reduced per pound fees.  AIKIDO Bay, Inc. will offer its services to other species and industries as its ease-of-use and buyer/seller protections become evident.  
For more information, contact AIKIDO Bay, Inc. based in Cape Elizabeth, Maine at kevinm@aikidobay.com or  (207)838-2969.