Aikon Holdings, Inc. is a Houston, Texas-based company, focusing on the development and marketing of new and revolutionary dietary supplements.  The company was formed by a team of experts with significant experience in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and wellness industries.  

Our mission is to improve people’s health and well-being by developing and marketing cutting-edge dietary supplements. Our medical research scientists focus on developing new formulations that could further enhance the effects of our nutraceutical products.  In other words, our goal is to ensure that our dietary supplements are genuinely different and more effective than those of our competitors.

Our current product portfolio includes three products:

Somniac PM is a natural sleep aid for occasional sleeplessness.  It may help you fall asleep effortlessly, sleep peacefully all night long, and wake up refreshed… without any morning grogginess.

Staminac AM is a natural mental energy booster for people who would like a subtle increase in their energy level, but who wouldn’t consider drinking over-caffeinated energy drinks.  

ProFormax-CR is a restorative energizer that may enhance physical performance and lower recovery time.  While it is a perfect product for athletes wanting to increase their strength and stamina and for people in physical therapy hoping to speed up their recovery, ProFormax-CR may also help alleviate the symptoms of various diseases.  This means that ProFormax-CR is simply a great addition to your busy lifestyle!