aiLearn, an edtech startup company set up to leverage Artificial Intelligence power to address the challenges in education, is creating Robot Ani™ — an AI-powered robo-tutor.
Robot Ani acts like “Siri for education”, it is the first robo-tutor designed to simulate one-to-one tutoring and replace human teachers.
aiLearn team is working at a powerful AI-driven engine to teach many school subjects in natural language helping high school students to prepare for exams without human tutors.
Empowered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies, Robot Ani will engage students in real-time natural language conversations and deliver personalized tutoring.
As current study and exam preparation strategies are very time-consuming and not always effective, with private tutors being too expensive and not accessible to many learners, Robot Ani can be an affordable and more efficient solution.
Robot Ani’s engine is designed to offer adaptive tutoring customized to learners’ needs, skills and individual pace of learning. It will provide ongoing assessment on the learners’ open answers and give instant feedback, thus supporting Socratic enquiry-based learning.